3 Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Inspire You


Weight loss is one of the biggest struggles for many people today. To win the battle against weight, you need to remain motivated all the time. There are many people with their weight loss success stories. These stories can be a source of inspiration for you to keep up the struggle for weight loss. Here are three incredible stories of people who became successful in reaching their weight loss goal. Read these stories to learn about their source of motivation and what kept them going in the long run.

3 Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Inspire You

Alex Clary










Weight loss: 75 pounds in 15 months

After getting a frightening report from his doctor post-college, Alex realized it was time to make a change. This was when he started doing what needed to be done to get to the right weight.

Tip for success: Track calories.

Initially, Alex didn’t make any changes to his diet and therefore didn’t see any results from his efforts. Soon he realized that he needed to control his portion sizes. He started using a calorie-tracking app to monitor his diet. This made him aware of his eating habits and he started seeing changes in his weight. The journey has since then continued and Alex now lives a much healthier life.

Katarina Herrera










Weight loss: 71 pounds in 16 months

Katarina got the weight problem after she gave birth to her son.  After her grandmother died, she realized that it was time for her to lose some pounds. Her grandmother had bought some clothes for her and she wanted to make sure that she fitted into those clothes.

Tip for success: Keep short-term goals.

Katarina had set for herself many short-term goals so that she would remain encouraged. Eventually, she began replacing her regular breakfast of toast with a protein-packed meal of eggs. For dinner, she replaced breaded chicken and mashed potatoes with baked chicken and veggies. She advises others to feel confident about themselves rather than depending entirely on the scales.

Stacy Cole










Weight loss: 35 pounds in 6 months

It was one of her wedding anniversaries when she booked a trip to the Caribbean to celebrate the day. It was then that she resolved to lose those extra pounds from her body.

Tip for success: The right attitude.

Stacy says that it is her mindset that has changed more than her diet. She didn’t make a huge difference in her diet. Instead, she brought small changes to her meal plan. This way she has kept herself motivated and eventually became successful in achieving her goal.

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