5 Healthy Cooking Methods Explained



1. Roasting

Roasting uses high heat no matter whether you cook in open fire or in an oven.

  • Health factor: When you roast meats, place them over a roasting rack so the fat gets removed from the meat.
  • Best foods to roast: Vegetables and meats.
  • What you need: Roasting rack and pan.


2. Stir-frying

It’s a Chinese cooking method in which chopped foods are seared in a hot pan.
  • Health factor: Because it uses high heat, stir-frying involves less usage of  oil. This makes the food tasty and healthy at the same time.
  • Best foods for stir-frying: Equal-sized chopped pieces of vegetables, tofu or meat.
  • What you need: Wok and a super hot heat source

3. Pressure-cooking

Pressure-cooking reduces the time of cooking and retains the nutritional value of the food. The food  prepared by pressure-cooking  is tastier and healthier than other forms 
  • Health factor: Full flavour with no cooking in fat is actually the apparent benefit, but some industry experts say it’s because the food cooks more quickly, retaining far more nutrients.
  • Best foods to pressure-cook: Beans, grains and meat
  • What you need: A pressure cooker and pressure cooker chart.


4. Grilling

Grilling is the process of preparing food over a strong and high heat source.
  • Health factor: Grilling reduces the use of oil and retains the essential nutrients.
  • Best foods for grilling: Meats, veggies, burgers, steaks, fruits and even bread.
  • What you need: Grill, coals, rack and elongated tongs or perhaps spatula.


5. Steaming

Steaming involves the conduction of heat to the food through steam or vapour. The food prepared through steaming is tasty and healthy.

  • Health factor: It retains the nutritional value of the food and makes it easy to digest.
  • Best foods for steaming: Veggies, seafood.
  • What you need: Metal steam basket.

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