Here Is An Inspirational Weight Loss Story That Can Get You Started


Inspiration is that fuel that lightens up the soul and enables us to cross that fence of limitations we set in our minds. When you are willing to reduce your weight, there is nothing that can stop you from doing so. Patience and endeavour play a crucial role to help you in your journey of weight loss. The weight loss story of Andie Mitchell is a perfect example to bring across my point.


Andie Mitchell weighed 268 pounds when she realized where she was headed to. According to her, the scary part of weighing 268 pounds was not being that particular weight. It was going beyond that weight.


The day she realized that she has reached the pinnacle of weight gain, she was determined to change her life. She started eating better and going to the gym five times a week. She joined the weight watchers program and started keeping a journal to keep track of what she ate. Eventually, she started jogging – something she wasn’t sure she would be able to do. The weight watchers program helped her gain confidence and she was able to reduce a considerable amount of weight very soon. She lost over 100 pounds in a little over a year.


She advises people who are starting out on their weight loss journey to cut out the consumption of processed food and consume real, whole food. She asks people not to get overwhelmed thinking about the journey and focus just on the moment. She talks about her emotional attachment to food and describes how she handled it to maintain the results she had achieved. Losing weight had given her a sense of self-confidence and she started believing that she could achieve more. She had fought her way through food cravings and feelings of nostalgia. At times she just wished she could get back to her old food habits. However, her strong determination had always helped her to drive those thoughts away. After many years of struggle, she had somehow figured the way to live a balanced life.


The Transformation


Her transformation from ‘fat’ to ‘fit’ has made her an inspiration for many to get started on their journey to weight loss. She has set the perfect example that with unfaltering dedication and the right tools, anybody can achieve the desired results in a weight loss mission.



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