How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off


The sad reality of weight loss practice is that it is not a one-time phenomenon. Losing weight demands a lifetime commitment. You have to be committed to losing weight and keeping it off before you actually make the effort. You have to be willing to give up those unhealthy eating habits forever and choose to follow an active lifestyle for the rest of your life. Once you make that commitment to yourself, you can use the following steps to turn your weight loss desire into reality.

1. Set a realistic goal

Very often people tend to set their goals really high. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The best way to set a realistic goal for weight loss is to know your body mass index (BMI). Your weight goal must be based on your BMI. If you do not know how to go about finding your BMI, read this article.

2. Choose a date and get started

Mark the date on your calendar when you begin your weight loss management routine. This will help you stay motivated and plan your next steps for weight management. Get specific with your planning. Get healthy foods for your meal. Get information about healthy eating and exercise, join exercise classes and do everything that takes you forward in your weight loss journey.

3. Do not miss breakfast

Breakfast is crucial for good health. Have a morning meal of whole grains, fruits or protein sources. A good breakfast can make you feel energized for the day.

4. Have more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants, nutrients and fibers. Make sure to have them as part of your lunch and dinner. You can even have higher portions of them as they contain fewer calories than processed foods

5. Don’t starve yourself

While eating too much can increase your weight, eating too little can affect your metabolism by slowing it down. Find out how many calories you need to have everyday. Your calorie intake also depends on your lifestyle. There are mobile apps that can help you figure out your required calorie intake during the day.

6. Keep a food journal

Keep track of what you eat on a daily basis. Avoid eating mindlessly. Taking note of what you eat and your portion sizes will help you keep track of the times when you overeat. This can help you bring healthier food choices into your diet.

7. Increase your intake of fiber

Fiber helps in weight loss. Have high fiber cereal with breakfast and whole grains during the day. These help in blocking the absorption of calories and thus keep your weight in check.

8. Stay away from processed foods

Processed foods contain too much sugar, salt and trans-fats. Avoid them and choose low-fat cheese and yogurt instead.

9. Exercise

A healthy lifestyle is essential for healthy weight loss. Integrating a healthy lifestyle also involves exercise. Exercise helps you burn fat and strengthens bones and muscles. Besides, it is also known for decreasing stress levels and building confidence which are needed for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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