Weight Loss Resolution For 2018? Here Is How You Can Stay Motivated


Weight loss is something that is on most people’s mind today. Considering the fact that nearly 30% of people in the world are obese, this is not a surprising fact to know. However, it is really surprising to know that most people set on a mission to reduce weight without actually understanding the basic aspects of weight loss. This is the reason why barely a handful of people are actually able to accomplish their weight loss goals.


The thing about weight loss that you should understand is that it all starts with your mental toughness. Before you hit the gym or go for that weight loss diet, you need to ask yourself these questions – Am I ready to take the challenge? Do I even know what it takes to get there?


No. Asking these questions won’t demotivate you. In fact, it will set a strong base for you to hold on to what you sign up for.


One of the crucial factors that most fitness trainers will tell you is that you need to keep your spirits really high to go on with the exercise and diet program for weight loss. Weight loss is a farfetched destination that requires months and years of consistent training. A lot of people start their weight loss regime on a high note but after a few days of excuses, they get back to square one.


In most cases, it is the excuse and lack of motivation that becomes the blocking stone in their journey to weight loss. Whether you are just starting out with your workout program or you are a seasoned veteran, one thing is for certain and that is that at some point, motivation will be a struggle.

Everyone suffers from motivational lags from time to time and it is only those who come up with an action plan to fix this who are actually able to move forward and see the results of their efforts.

Let us take a quick look at 3 steps you need to know to stay motivated for your weight loss goals.


Set Mini-Goals Along With Long-Term Goals

The first thing that you need to do is actually set mini goals along with any of the long-term goals that you set for yourself. Very often people get excited when they begin working towards achieving that long-term goal, but as they get started working towards their goal, they find that they are not able to go on with their routine.

Because it can be difficult working towards something unattainable in the short term, it will make it especially important to set mini goals that you are able to reach along the way.

By doing this you can set your sights on that mini goal and feel an excellent sense of accomplishment the moment you achieve it. As you continue and achieve your mini-goals, eventually you will land yourself at that end goal you were striving hard for from the start.


Join A Fitness Minded Group

The next thing that you can do to help yourself stay motivated is to sign up for a fitness-minded group. Whether you sign up with a running or walking group or even just get together with others who are actually interested in living healthier and working out regularly, having that interpersonal support can really help keep you stay focused on the goals you have set for yourself.


Try using A Journal

The last thing to help yourself stay motivated is using a journal. While in the beginning, it might seem as a pain having to monitor what you are eating and what you are doing in the gym, this can actually prove to be extremely beneficial if done on a regular basis.

When you look back later and see how far you have come, it will make all that effort worthwhile and enable you to understand how much each day moves you closer to your goals.

Try these ideas to keep yourself motivated. Do not forget that motivation is individually specific. So, try these ideas and come up with a couple of other things you feel will meet your needs. If you put forth a continual effort to keep up your motivation, eventually losing weight is going to become an easy and fun thing to do.

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