Weight Watchers Smart Points Explained

Weight Watcher has undergone significant changes in the past few years. At present, Weight Watchers is using Smart Points as a replacement for the Point Plus System. It endorses the same concept. The only change done is the revision of points for each kind of food.


The new smart points system has assigned lesser points for healthier and nutritious food. This allows you to eat more of those foods on any given day.


Let us look into the basics of the new weight watcher smart point system and how you can start using it.


  • The first step in the process of using weight watchers program is to let weight watchers use your weight, height, age, gender and other factors to determine the right amount of calories you need to take on a daily basis.


  • With this information weight watchers allots a certain number of food points for you which are known as Smart Points. Following these points can help you lose weight steadily.


  •  There are point values for every food item and you can find these online. You can check the recipes section of our website to learn about the smart point value of certain recipes.


  • Most fruits and vegetables have 0 smart points. Therefore, consider including them in your daily diet.


  • Keep a food tracker journal and record the number of points you use to make sure that you stay within your daily point allotment.


Below is a list of the point values for the most common food people search for:



  • Chicken breast: (boneless, skinless, 3oz) 3 SmartPoints


  • Avocado: (½) 4 SmartPoints


  • Milk: (2%) 5 SmartPoints


  • Milk: (low fat 1%) 4 SmartPoints


  • Bread: (1 slice) 2 SmartPoints


  • Butter: (1tbsp) 5 SmartPoints


  • Olive oil: (1tbsp) 3 SmartPoints


  • Coffee: (black, no sugar, 8 oz.) 1 SmartPoint


  • Oatmeal: (1 cup) 5 SmartPoints


  • Fruits and vegetables: 0 SmartPoints

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